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When We May Stand Alone 

So many times down through history, men and ladies are asked to take on the arduous task of speaking truth to power.  The Prophet Daniel to kings, Nathan the Prophet to King David, and Paul to the Kings of his day.  God brings people into places where they would never typically have the opportunity to have the ears of those in power for the reason of sharing the Good News and speaking the truth in love.  We have been given this moment in which we have the opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus to those in authority, while speaking truth into their lives.  

This new year is no ordinary year.  It is an election year and there is no better time to ramp up our work than during an election year.  Members are more interested in the things of God during these years because they "need" His help.  It is the perfect time to be ready and waiting to chat about the things of God and bring the Truth of the Gospel to them.  They may not know they need it, but God knows.  

Sometimes we find ourselves alone in this work it seems.  We can become frustrated by the "lack" of God's moving it seems.  I find myself saddened by the lack of involvement by God's people here at times, and sometimes we may just stand alone.  I am okay with that, but It sure would be nice to see more young people here in Washington in ministry! Pray with us that the Lord would send more laborers into this harvest because it truly is plenteous! Pray for us in 2020! Our vision is big and our God is even bigger!



Nathan Kistler

Executive Director at Hope To The Hill

A Historic Night Of Unity Through Film 

I must say that my cup is overflowing today.  After four months of intense planning and work, we held a historic screening in the Rayburn House Office building on Tuesday the 12th of September.  I am more than grateful for the work of so many to make this happen.  From the folks who prepared the food, to the Congressional offices who paved the way for everything to run smoothly, it was truly a wonderful evening.  A huge thanks is in line for Rep. Louie Gohmert and his amazing staff for their dedication and work.  Tears flowed all evening as folks watched the powerful film "A Question Of Faith".  Members of the 115th Congress, ministry leaders and actors from the film filled the room, but what made the night so special, was the midnight tour given by Rep. Gohmert.  I have been on countless tours by the Congressman over the years, but this one was extra special.  It was truly a privilege to lead in Prayer on the House floor before we left the Capitol building.  The Congressman said something so powerful at the beginning of the evening that I will never forget.  "Congress is a mirror of the people in this great land.  Revival will not start here in Congress.  Revival will only happen when the people of America get right with God.  Congress will then only mirror what the people are."  I truly believe that God is doing something special here in Washington, but It is a mirror of what He is doing around this great land.  I am forever indebted to Him for His care and mercy in my life.  I am but a servant in His house, and that is enough for me.  This is just part of the ministry we are so blessed to do here in Washington.  Continue to pray for us and if you feel so led, partner with us in what God is doing.  





Director at Hope To The Hill

Washington DC


Dawn Of A New Day 

As a child I can remember walking through the halls of Congress in our nation’s Capitol looking at the unfathomably large amounts of American history, and more importantly; the religious foundation of American culture. It seemed an insurmountable task to take it all in and still does to this day after all these years.  As I now walk through the great city of Washington, D.C., I see a city of people who have forgotten where America came from and the God who so graciously granted Her the type of government we so cherish as Americans today. I have traveled across this great land and around the world singing of the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ and I have seen a trend even in my short 26 years of life that is very disturbing to me as someone who loves the Lord, loves my country, and this music we all hold dear. A Christian sub-culture where we have retreated from culture as a whole into the four walls of our institutions, churches, cliques, and homes.    

  With every battle we forfeited over the last fifty years we have had unforeseen consequences. Abortion, the unequivocal loss of marriage, and the undeniable destabilization of the home are all now staring us in the face.  As we have retreated into our safe havens, we have allowed the enemy to reach into our own culture of Christianity and most unfortunately, the very homes we’ve tried to protect with our boycotts, and throw rocks at the very culture we disowned! I will be the first to take responsibility for these actions which have placed our culture on a path to its very destruction. WE, the salt and light have removed ourselves from the world we were sent to serve. We have simply checked out of the uncomfortable places of culture which are not politically correct to be part of.  With our voice gone, who now holds the line of defense for the freedoms we have (and many times take for granted) and the future of said freedoms? I could name many wonderful organizations on the Hill who fight daily for those rights and freedoms and whom also share the Gospel daily with our high level officials and leadership. 

Since I am the writer of this article and since this is the first of said articles to come, I will share with you my ministry in Washington, D.C. first.  Hope To The Hill is a subsidiary of Hope Ministries International, which my father started over 16 years ago. It’s a ministry to equip the church and those on Capitol hill with the tools for sharing the Gospel.  My father and I have spent many years now in Washington trying to share our faith with Senators, Congressmen, and our nation’s highest ranking officials. My role is growing as I ally with other ministries on the Hill in their endeavors with the same goal to share God’s Word with everyone we come into contact with.  As a singer in this industry for almost 10 years, I have had the honor of singing with the greatest singers of our time (most recently singing alto with the Hoppers and tenor with the Hopper Brothers).  I have loved this season in my life with great passion where I have served for almost two years, yet I have felt the Lord pulling on my heart back to Washington where my greater calling lies.  This does not mean I am leaving the music I love, but it does mean that I will be spending the great majority of my time on the front lines of ministry in Washington using my musical gifts in hopes that God will open more doors. I hope that you will pray for wisdom for my ministry that God would make clear the steps I must walk. I ask that you pray for financial outpouring from the Lord to further the Gospel.    

  Lastly, I ask that you pray for an awakening in our churches and in the halls of Congress so that the Word of God would once again be fiercely loved and lived by in our day and culture. People ask me daily how they can get involved and make a difference in the public forum.  I am happy to tell you that there is much you can do. Call, write, and email your congressman or senator and let them know that you appreciate the stand they have taken on a particular issue. Find something you can agree on and let them know you are thankful for their stand. Tell them you are praying for them and ask how you can better do so.  I call offices and go into meetings just to ask how I can pray for that specific member of Congress. It is incredible to see how their face changes when they know I am not there to get something from them but to give. The typical Washington way is that whenever someone comes to the city, they want something. I try to change that idea in my ministry.  You will never know what your call, email, letter, or even personal visit will do. Do your research and do not neglect to remember that God always has a remnant just as He has had throughout history. There are Daniels and Josephs in our nation’s Capitol.  I have hope that the remnant God has always given mercy by is still in this land. I pray that He would once again pour out His blessing on our hurting land. I look forward to sharing with you more about another special ministry in Washington and how you can be involved in the work we do!   


“Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few.” (Matthew 9:37)    


Your Faithful Missionary to Washington  

Nathan Kistler  

Hope To The Hill  


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