When We May Stand Alone

So many times down through history, men and ladies are asked to take on the arduous task of speaking truth to power.  The Prophet Daniel to kings, Nathan the Prophet to King David, and Paul to the Kings of his day.  God brings people into places where they would never typically have the opportunity to have the ears of those in power for the reason of sharing the Good News and speaking the truth in love.  We have been given this moment in which we have the opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus to those in authority, while speaking truth into their lives.  

This new year is no ordinary year.  It is an election year and there is no better time to ramp up our work than during an election year.  Members are more interested in the things of God during these years because they "need" His help.  It is the perfect time to be ready and waiting to chat about the things of God and bring the Truth of the Gospel to them.  They may not know they need it, but God knows.  

Sometimes we find ourselves alone in this work it seems.  We can become frustrated by the "lack" of God's moving it seems.  I find myself saddened by the lack of involvement by God's people here at times, and sometimes we may just stand alone.  I am okay with that, but It sure would be nice to see more young people here in Washington in ministry! Pray with us that the Lord would send more laborers into this harvest because it truly is plenteous! Pray for us in 2020! Our vision is big and our God is even bigger!



Nathan Kistler

Executive Director at Hope To The Hill

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